Great Big Bible Challenge IV

The votes are unanimous: you've been loving these quizzes. So we're please to offer you another for the same price as the last. Itís time once again to hang onto your mouse and find out how well you know your Bible.

1. What is the name of the first New Testament martyr?

John the Baptist? Go to 5. Severus? Go to 10.

2. What father and son both claimed that their wives were actually their sisters?

Noah and Shem? Go to 12.           

Abraham and Isaac? Go to 15.

3. Very good. Queen Jezebel tried to destroy all God's prophets in Israel (I Kings 16:31) before going to the dogs (2 Kings 9). Her name has become synonymous with wickedness. Now on to 11 and more treachery.

4. Sorry. Go back to 18.

5. Great start! But don't worry. Things will get tougher. Go to 2.

6. Who stole idols from her father?

Leah? Go to 14. Rachel? Go to 13.

7. Of the wicked women in the Bible, who is mentioned the most?

Delilah? Go to 19. Jezebel? Go to 3.

8. Yes! Read about it in 1 Kings 18:46. Then trot on down to 22.

9. Good for you. Read about Samuel's sons Joel and Abijah in 1 Samuel 8. Speaking of swindlers, in 1989, Chamoy Thipyaso, a Thai woman, and seven of her associates were each sentenced to 141,078 years in jail for swindling millions of dollars. You didn't need to know this. Now, on to 18.

10. Uh oh. Severus, an early Christian centurion in the Roman army was tortured and beheaded for his beliefs, but John the Baptist was the first New Testament martyr. We'll let you take a mulligan and start again.

11. Whose sons were notorious for taking bribes?

Samuel's? Go to 9. Eli's? Go to 17.

12. Sorry. Go back to 2.

13. Good guess! Read the fascinating story in Genesis 31. Then go to 16.

14. No. Leah stole her sister's husband, but not her dad's idols. Go back to 6.

15. Right on. Read the fascinating stories in Genesis 12 and 26. By the way, did you know that Richard and Carole Roble of New York have married each other 53 times? If you did, collect a bonus point. Now walk the aisle to question 7.

16. Who outran a team of horses?

Jehu? Go to 20. Elijah? Go to 8.

17. Wrong. Eli's sons were known for many things, but not for taking bribes. Back to 11.

18. What group of converts burned their books of magic?

The Galatians? Go to 4. The Ephesians? Go to 21.

19. Sorry. Though infamous for her deadly dealings with Samson, Delilah's wickedness is dwarfed by Queen Jezebel. Go to 11.

20. Uh oh. Jehu was known for his traffic tickets. But he preferred to be in the saddle. Hurry back to 16.

21. Very good! Acts 19:19 tells us that the value of the scrolls they burned was equivalent to roughly $5 million. Now on to 6.

22. David is known as a man after God's own heart, but he experienced much heartache. For one bonus point can you tell us which of his sons led a major revolt against him? Find out the answer by going to 23.

23. After plotting against David, Absalom met a tragic end. If you knew his name, claim an extra two points. And remember, one who uses the Bible as his guide never loses his sense of direction. Now, it's time to add up those scores.  

SCORES...(you may want to forward this link to a friend after doing the math)

1-2 correct: Try again. If thereís no improvement, you just may be a hopeless case..

3-4: E-mail some friends for help!

4-5: Email some friends to brag.

6 and up: Enroll in Prairie Bible College, then go for your doctorate!

Punny stuff (or at least partly punny):

1. Why was Moses the most wicked man in the Bible?

2. How does a lawyer resemble a rabbi?

3. What kind of fur did Adam and Eve wear?

4. How do we know David was older than Goliath (right)?

5. What was the longest day in history? 

Answers to Punny Stuff: 1. He broke all ten commandments at once (get it? Moses smashed the stone tablets with the 10 Commandments on them); 2. A lawyer studies the law and profits; 3. Bareskin; 4. He rocked him to sleep; 5. Adam's first day. It had no Eve.  

For experts only (donít try these unless you did well in Bible college):

1. Who was the first person killed by God for being wicked?

2. Jerusalem was also known by two other names. What were they?

3. Jesus is the most quoted man in the Gospels. Who is second?

4. Who was killed for touching the Ark of the Covenant?

5. What prophet was a very hairy man? 

Answers for experts only: 1. Er (Gen. 38:7) ; 2. Jebus (Judges 19:10), Salem (Ps. 76:2); 3. Peter; 4. Uzzah (2 Sam. 6:6-7); 5. Elijah (2 Kings 1:8).

Copyright 2012. Phil Callaway. Cartoons by Ben Crane.

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