German Articles and Books

I was sleeping soundly one Saturday when my darling daughter Rachael woke me holding the phone. "It's someone from Germany," she smiled. Please understand that many of my friends have a rather twisted sense of humor. I knew it was Vance. Or Ron. Or Harold. Or James, who grew up in Germany. I took the phone and hollered, "Javol!" in a high pitched squeaky sort of voice. Thankfully the lady on the phone laughed a gracious laugh. It was the editor of the German branch of Decision magazine. They wanted to translate my articles. Imagine the irony. I almost flunked French class in high school. Now I have a following in Germany. Here are some articles that run in Der Kriegsruf, the Salvation Army's magazine. 

Books in German

Über Vögel, Bienen und andere Insekten

Chance zum Neuanfang

Vorsicht Spurrille!

Auf den zweiten Blick

Prüfungen eines Teenie-Vaters

Willkommen im Jammertal

Am dunkelsten ist es immer, bevor die Kühlschranktür aufgeht

Acht Dinge, die ich an dir gehasst habe

Alles, nur das nicht!

Als du dich ungestört glaubtest ...

Dankbar für die Täler

Sprachlos in Seattle

Nutze den Tag 

Weihnachten im september 


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