Laugh Again Radio Expanding

Laugh Again, Phil's 5-minute daily feature, is rapidly expanding, airing on 160 stations in the U.S. (, 780 times a week in Canada, across the U.K., English-speaking Africa, and in Australia. It features Phil Callaway's award-winning humor designed to bring a shot of joy and hope into listener's lives. "We were told this format would never work," Phil says. "But the response has been phenomenal. We are hearing from people whose lives have been changed because of the message." Click here to find out where you can listen on air, online, by podcast, get the FREE app or receive our  daily audiomail in  your Inbox. Like us on Facebook too. For more info, simply click the ancient microphone below (we're using newer technology, honest!). And thanks for your support. If you'd like to see Laugh Again on a radio station near you, email Steve.

Broadcasters...Laugh Again is available in both 4-minute and 1-minute formats. Phil's humor and insight will help your listeners laugh, of course, but our goal is that they be filled with hope and joy and that they grow in their relationship with God, and with people. For information on airing this program contact Steve at 800.663.2425 or by email.

Like to see Phil's humor with a message on your local radio station, email Steve or call him at 800.663.2425.


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