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This book arrived just at the right time. Life was crumbling around me and it really helped me get my perspective. I laughed out loud several times and the whole family enjoyed the pop quizzes. Run out and buy this book right away." - Laura V. Hilton, 

"Countless life lessons are illustrated brilliantly with humor and wit using refrigerator themes. If you haven't laughed out loud in quite some time, this is a must-read." - Beverley Dillow, Aspiring Retail (CBA)

A delightful to read, this book brings much needed humor to some of lifeís more serious problems. Whether you are feeling overworked, underpaid or unappreciated, this book is sure to turn your frown into a smile with the wit and humor that only could come from Martha Bolton and Phil Callaway. I canít even look at the front cover of this book without smiling! The book is divided into 5 parts: Fridge Magnets (Bringing Joy Back to Life), Smelly Cheese (I Could Cope with the World if it Wasnít for People), Chill First, Then Serve (You Canít Be a Smart Cookie if You Have a Crummy Attitude), Empty Shelves (Overworked, Overstressed, Overwhelmed, and Underappreciated-and Thatís the Good News), and Just Desserts (The Best is Yet to Come). While all of these sections are great, my favorite was Smelly Cheese (I Could Cope with the World if it Wasn't for People). With charts such as the Desirable Friend Versus the Undesirable Friend and the list of "Socially Acceptable Ways to Get Even With Mean and Nasty People in Your Life" you are sure to be cracking up in no time!
Each of these 5 sections is jam packed with fabulous humor as well as great insight into how to deal with the every day problems that come with life. The book served as a great reminder that sometimes the best thing we can possibly do in a situation is find a reason to laugh! I would recommend this book to anyone who needs a little help putting a smile back on their face. -Melissa Williams Netherton

The authors admit that life is full of problems. There is not enough time in the day, your kids won't stop fighting, your boss sends a clever e-mail but with this throbbing headache it ain't funny, and those stupid drivers won't let you merge onto the traffic. Not to mention your best friends are getting divorced and your grandma is sick. Stomp your feet and lash back at no one in particular. Don't. Grab this book, "It's always Darkest Before the Fridge Door Opens," and you will learn to laugh again, even at the pesky telemarketers. Learn to cope with a world that would be perfect if it wasn't for the people, and you will also get a health tip on why M&Ms are good for you. Martha Bolton, who lives in Tennessee, and Phil Callaway, who cleverly survives living with three teenagers and his wife in Alberta, Canada, have spent a lifetime making people laugh. "Laughter has saved our jobs and our marriages, and it has kept us both relatively sane. It has unclogged our arteries and kept us uncommonly thin," Callaway says. 

"It's Always Darkest ..." is divided into five parts. Let's begin. Part One: Fridge Magnets. Laughter is nature's wonder drug, and Tommy Lasorda's quote reads: "When we lose, I eat. When we win, I eat. I also eat when we're rained out." Along the journey with the magnets healthful and spiritual quotes.

Part 2 is titled "Smelly Cheese," but before you begin, turn back two pages and take the Funny-Bone quiz. It is as real as Miss Piggy's words, "Never eat more than you can lift." Wise words. Part 2 deals with the Top 10 Responses to a Telemarketers. Here are a few: 1. Here, talk to my 2-year-old. 2. You say you want to speak to my husband? He died in a unicycle accident just this morning. He collided with an oncoming bear in a tutu. It's the risk of circus life. 3. Are you from a dating service? Me and my four kids are free Saturday and we would love to go to Disneyland!

The authors sprinkle their stories with quotes from comediennes they wrote for, including like Henny Youngman: "I wanted to do something nice, so I bought my mother-in-law a chair. Now they won't let me plug it in."

"In-Flight Misery" talks about the challenge of air travel. There are 10 New Ways to Look at Air Travel. They begin with "Moving Sidewalks." "Have you ever been walking on an airport moving sidewalk and found yourself wondering if you were moving all that much faster than the guy with the broken leg, pulling Samsonite behind him while balancing a latte with his teeth? Then he actually pulls ahead of you ..." If you can't relate to the stories on airplane seats that really don't recline, airline blankets and airplane restrooms, then your funny-bone is in serious need of repair.

You wonder where these humor writers get their material? In 2002, the news covered a story about a Massachusetts doctor who apparently abandoned his patient on the operating table while he left to cash a check at a nearby bank. The authors ask doctors if they have some sort of chart letting them know the time frame of how long the patient will be under: Tonsillectomy? Cyst removal? Get oil change in car. Take clothes to cleaners, and on and on. It made me thankful my doctors come out in their scrubs to report the results, but you'll have to admit these are funnies!

Phil says he crept up behind his mother one night when she was on her knees praying and overheard her, "Oh, thank you, God, he's finally in bed!"

There's lots more, but I can see your furrowed brow has been replaced with laugh lines. - Velma Daniels, Bookworm

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