We recently purchased the Laughing Matters DVD and 6 books. Last night was a first study night and everyone REALLY enjoyed it. Someone said it was an answer to prayer. "I needed to laugh more and asked God to help me with that," she said. Could we get 10 more copies of the book please?

Pamela Binnendyk, Port Elgin, ON

Wow! We are one week away from completing Laughing Matters as an Adult Sunday School class. Myself (a warehouseman) and my co-facilitator (a transit bus operator) led this class, and actually did well. At our “class intro Sunday” I told funny stories, showed comics on the overhead, and wondered to myself if anyone would sign up for our class. The next week with coffee and cheesecake in hand we entered our classroom stuffed full with adults from 30-80 years young!  Our church leaders quickly moved us to the sanctuary—as my co-leader said, “we made the big house.”  We had hoped for 8 or 10 and were quite unprepared for them all. Over the weeks we have had to apologize for being too loud (the laughter factor). We’ve used great headlines (Man rescued from Vat of Chocolate, or Naked man on Crack Rescued From Alligator). We’ve written our worries on paper planes, then sailed them away, and we’ve still not been kicked out of the church. We covered being thankful near thanksgiving, pranks near halloween, and miraculously, we did encouragement on a Sunday following the suicide of a family member of one of our class members. The Last Laugh falls just before Christmas. God is Good. We have laughed and learned to laugh, gained perspective, hope and the feeling of not being alone when another family dealt with cancer. Thanks. Some days we could have used the leaders guide for Dummies, and we could use another series as people wonder what is next. Thanks. God bless. Garry Andres

Laughing Matters has been a great success for our Life Group! I think one of the best things that happened in our group, aside from the laughter, was that we each could relate to the topics and stories AND the sharing that resulted afterwards. I believe your experiences have helped put things into perspective in a fun way. We will recommend it to the other Life Groups in our church. Thank you for creating this book and DVD! I also wanted to thank you again for sending us the books so quickly so that we were able to start sooner and stay on schedule.

Traci Bowd, Lloydminster, AB


I won't mention the name of the last series our men's group studied, but it was SO heavy. Laughing Matters has been perfect medicine. We've been laughing together and celebrating Jesus. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

Ernie Zucker, Tampa, Florida


Yesterday was our second Laughing Matters session at our Saturday morning men's group. It has been very well received and my job as facilitator is made so easy. About a dozen guys have been out the last 3 weeks but we are expecting many more guys in search of a good laugh in the coming weeks. I wanted to write and let you know what an impact you are having at our church. After opening in prayer I started with a reading first from your book With God on the Golf Course then right in to Laughing Matters. Our Saturday morning leader phoned me the next day thanking me and to let me know that it had been the best session (most awesome) since he took over as leader!

John Halliwell, Vernon, BC


Laughing Matters is an official hit in our church. Thanks for sending the books along with it too. The format of the DVD makes it so easy for the leader (in this case me) to lead. We have used it with both our young adults and our older adults too. The content is very funny yet deeply meaningful. The discussion questions do not lead us down a negative path, and the answers we have found are helpful. Thanks for the encouragement to joy on the journey. 

Ray Norton, Pittsburg, PA