The Truth Dare


“Phil Callaway is both witty and wise, and in this book he’s pretty courageous as well.  A refreshing pleasure, one that spurs me on in my own race . . . thanks, Phil!” –Ellen Vaughn, New York Times Bestselling author of It’s All About Him


“This book is fabulous and funny. I couldn’t read it all at once because my doctor doesn’t want me to tear my stitches! These journal entries can help alter the way we view our speech and relationships, God’s grace, and our own integrity. To be perfectly honest, I plan to plagiarize everything Phil has written here!”
—Bryan Duncan, Grammy Award–winning musician

Like filmmakers, it is easy to edit out the scenes in our lives that make us squeamish and uncomfortable. But rationalization and excuse-making will not work when keeping our ultimate face-to-face appointment with Jesus. No ‘Dr. Feel-Good’ here. You will be invited to take a giant step forward toward the ultimate faith lift. I accepted that invitation. To Be Perfectly Honest caused me to take a cold hard look within—gaining a heightened awareness of my self-centeredness and understanding the benefits that spring from an honest, open relationship with the Holy Spirit. I was reminded that repentance paves the way to experiencing God’s inexhaustible mercy and abundant grace. It sure beats a colon cleanse!” Joel A. Freeman, author, If Nobody Loves You, Create The Demand

“I laughed when Phil Callaway asked me to read his book about being honest for a whole year. I laughed because I knew how hard it would be. And I laughed as he relates story after story of diving deeper into truth-telling. I think God laughed, too. I dare you to read this book and not laugh. I dare you to read a page and not laugh.” Chris Fabry, radio host, author of Almost Heaven

“Phil Callaway may be known for his humor, but he takes on a serious topic in To Be Perfectly Honest: He tries not to lie for one solid year. Thankfully, he takes us along on his 365-day journey with his sense of humor firmly intact. You’ll enjoy this book—no lie.”
—Mark Joseph,, author of The Lion, the Professor, and the Movies: Narnia’s Journey to the Big Screen

“I love Phil Callaway because he manages to accomplish what few writers can—masterfully blending laughter with learning.” —Lee Strobel, best-selling author of The Case for Christ

“Phil Callaway is master of the funny bone and the heart tug. He pretends to be just a fellow traveler, but I’m not fooled: he knows the ground well, and I’d follow him anywhere.” —Mark Buchanan, author of The Rest of God and Hidden in Plain Sight

“Phil keeps us laughing so it doesn’t hurt so much when we face the truth.” —John Fischer, author of What on Earth Are We Doing?


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