Applause For Tricks My Dog Taught Me


“Callaway could write about owning a shrew and I’d be entertained, amused and taught something profound. I had no idea we could learn so much from dogs and have this much fun doing so. This book is tender, uplifting, and funny.”

            Dr. Kevin Leman, author of Have a Happy Family By Friday


“Phil Callaway has done it again. In his odd, yet endearing, and deeply resonant way, he connects with our human experience and gives light, laughter, insight, and spiritual encouragement. Any dog person will love this book; there is hope here for cat and ferret people, too. Not sure about those of you who have hedgehogs, though they are pretty darn cute.”

            Ellen Vaughn, New York Times best-selling author of Choosing to See, and It’s All About Him


“Dogs teach us about life, death, and everything in between. Phil Callaway supplies the laughter. Don’t miss this long walk with a good friend.”

            Chris Fabry, author, radio host, and owner of “Tebow,” the Morkie


“Phil Callaway has the extraordinary gift of writing about ordinary life so that readers laugh, cry, reflect, and gain hope all in the same paragraph. This book is honest, relevant, and funny. It will not only inspire you to immediately get a dog; it will compel you to live a better life.”

            Richard Blackaby, Experiencing God


“What a fun read! I loved this book and smiled all the way through. This is pleasant, relaxing and insightful. It’s easy to read, yet full of truth!”

            Carl Madearis, author of Speaking of Jesus


“I read every word of this book, then wished there were more. I don’t have a dog. I have issues sharing my personal space with creatures that don’t use toilet paper. But I actually like dogs (don’t tell my kids!). Reading Tricks My Dog Taught Me awakened me to the homespun wisdom other peoples’ dogs can teach me. Plus, I guffawed so loudly my airplane seatmates wanted in on the joke. Read this book in public and people will ask you where they can get a copy.”

            Connie Cavanaugh, author of Following God One Yes At A Time


“A good humorist is like a good surgeon—he makes just the right incision so he can gain access to what’s hurting and bring healing. Phil Callaway is a great surgeon. Tricks My Dog Taught Me made me laugh, over and over, and in the vulnerability of that laughter Phil managed to tug at my heart and challenge my soul. This book will stay with you a long time—it’s a refreshing and truthful companion on a life-journey that can be scary and exhausting.”

            Rick Lawrence, author of Sifted, and Shrewd, and Executive Editor of Group Magazine


“Thank God for another wonderful work by Phil Callaway! Along with lots of laugh-out-loud humor, Phil delivers sage advice that will inspire, inform, and enlighten you. Dog lovers will lap this up, and everyone will appreciate and applaud the humor and wisdom they find in this book.”

            Charles Marshall, author of The Seven Powers of Success


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